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Interesting Companion!

While the word companion in the title could refer to anyone or anything, I would like to keep the context as an entity rather than any particular individual or thing.

The interesting companion that I am talking about here is a backpack or a school bag. As I have stated above please refer to bag as entity and not “A PARTICULAR BAG”. It all started when I started my schooling at an age of 3/3.5. It’s a tradition with any kid to carry a school bag and I too had one. Starting from those days till today the school bag which later took the form of a backpack has taken a great place in my life. It’s been on my back for carrying my books, my lunch, my important documents, laptop, etc. from a very longtime and till date. It is until this morning, when I didn’t take my backpack to work(I carry a backpack everyday to my work), that I realised it’s significance. This morning when I got out of my house without my backpack, I felt there is something important missing on my body. I felt very light and peculiar. It is then I realised that my backpack has been a companion and without my knowledge I have established a very strong bond with this useful material. I love my backpack and make a pledge to myself today that I will never get rid of such an interesting companion in my life.

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