About Me

This is my personal blog where I share all my thoughts and experiences.I am not a hardcore writer but I shall make sure that my thoughts and experiences are shared and would be useful for someone at some point of time. If not for a reason but if any of the posts in this blogspot could bring in a smile on your face I would think the pusrpose of this blogspot is served. I have more technical posts on my technoblog and my photoshots on photoblog. Do Visit them and leave your footprints in the form of comments.

My Contact Details:

Marenayakanapalya Dasegowda Lokesh

808 Woodford Ave N
Kent WA 98031 USA

Phone :
+1-425-638-2639 (Cell Phone)
+1-206-257-0174 (Home office)
Email : lokeshmd@techpsyche.com
Website : www.techpsyche.com

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