The Power of Observation

Observation! The term sounds very interesting however when you start exploring this term you will know how you get involved in a complete new world. Yes Observation is a Noun, coz its a world by itself, Observation is a verb which involves a person in some kind of a magical action, Observation is a sense that every human is born with, and finally observation is a power which can make any impossible things possible.

According to wikipedia “Observation may either be an activity of a sapient or sentient living being (e.g. humans), which senses and assimilates the knowledge of a phenomenon in its framework of previous knowledge and ideas, or within some scientific usages it may also refer to data or phenomena recorded or evaluated from a specific viewpoint as opposed to an omniscient or objective viewpoint.”

I insist all the readers of this blog to read the defination of Observation more than once coz I firmly believe that in today’s world the term Observation is made more complex and all of us though Observe but fail to make use of our Observation. Lemme try n explain you Observation in simple words, for 10 secs starting now start watching something around you. Concentrate for just 10 secs. once 10 secs are over try and write down about what you watched on a piece of paper. I have seen from my personal experience that people can write from a single word to several pages based on their Observation power, hence to put it short I will say Observation is an act which can convert the process of your visual sense into a thought which can be manipulated based on the individuals creativity. Having said this lemme tell emphasize on the power of Observation. In my example I said some people can write about their 10seconds observations on several pages however what they write matters a lot, coz if that literature is published it can create positive/negative impact on people. That was just an example,in fact I would say every good or bad thing happening in today’s world is a result of Observation. however to feel the power, from today, start observing and convert the same observation into useful thoughts and you will for sure come back and tell me how great it feels……………… Coz after all it is The Power of Observation.

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