Lost forever….???

April 7th 2011, 4.30pm PST.
I got a call from my brother that my mother was no more with us. For a moment the world came to a stand still to me. I wanted to scream and tell that it was not true, I just wanted it to be a nightmare that was not real when I got up, I wished it was some sort of a bad feeling that would vanish soon, I wanted it to be anything else but true….Coz for once I was not ready to accept this truth… I couldn’t imagine the truth that a human being who gave birth to me, who took care of me all these years, whom I spoke every day and night even though I was 1000s of miles apart, whom I loved more than anything, who meant so much in my life is no more. But unfortunately it was a hard truth and I had to face the hard part of life. Yes, my mother had left me(April 8th 2011, 4.55AM IST), Left me to a place of no return, A place where I can’t reach her by any means. I had no choice but to rush to India to bid an adieu to the lady whom I would want as a mother for all my re-births. It was one of the toughest journeys of my life since emotionally I was broke and I had to travel hours to join my loved ones back home. I arrived in Bangalore on 10th April and we had to complete the final rituals. I was still in a sort of silhouette and wished it was a dream. But as the final rituals proceeded I had to finally accept that I had lost my mother forever. It was toughest for my father and equally tough for me and my siblings because my Mother was like a support system for us and now it’s a life without a support system for all of us. After this happened I am a little puzzled with what life is all about??? A person is born with so much of love, leads the life with so many aspirations, so much of ambitions and within a moment the person has to give up everything and surrender to death….After doing a lot of soul searching I am still wondering is the person Lost forever….??? Or is it really just the body…..???

For whatever it is, All I can do is to pray for my Mother to Rest in Peace and hope to continue doing good things so that my Mother will always be proud of me, Since I still believe she is around me watching every move of mine and guiding me in the right path………..

Quote : If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk straight up to the heaven and bring you home Mother….Love you always!!!!!!!

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