Need for a Change

Being outside the country, I know the importance of what it is like to be in your motherland. However for people like me, opportunities, fast money, better life-style, urge to do things differently, social obligation, etc takes precedence and end up in creating confusion. You may debate that I can get everything back in India too and I completely agree with you. It’s just that I am not quite sure how much I can handle it. Anyways that’s another whole topic about which we can talk, argue or debate for hours and days. Having said that lemme emphasize on the topic for this post. ‘need for a change’, now that I am out of country and seeing the system from a different angle I see so many things that I would have never noticed being within the system. May it be with respect to values, life style, technologies, ideas, etc. Going forward I shall start posting about what could be wrong or right in India and how can those things be exposed or corrected. I shall go by facts and figures so I am sure there will be enough scope for critics to hunt me down. While commenting make sure you are aware of the fact that I am trying to analyze the system from outside and it is just my view. We are not talking about what is right or wrong but what is correct and incorrect. After all our country is in Need of a change(a +ve one).

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