Biomedical Engineer – Bridging the gap of Medicine and Technology

The act of bridging 2 completely different fields always excited me and I guess that’s what made me opt Medical Electronics(Biomedical) as a specialization for my Bachelors degree. Only after taking up the course I found that it was much more exciting that I thought because A Biomedical Engineer comes from ……..

The biomedical electronic device industry which is motivated by surgical tools, drug delivery, implantable systems and point of care diagnostics. The recent surge of biomedical engineering departments in the world is largely driven by the potential to improve healthcare quality while reducing healthcare costs. The challenge today is how to design more intelligent biomedical devices.

Biomedical wireless/telemetry monitoring is a field of biomedical integrated electronics instrumentation and is defined as the way of transmitting biological or physiological data from a remote location that can be in vivo or on the body to a location that has the capability to interpret the data and affect decision making.

Advances in microelectronics, material science and wireless communications have enabled development of monitoring biomedical devices that can be implemented in the human body. Some methods used for short range wireless communications are dedicated for medical applications and are used by biomedical wireless monitoring devices without interference, in ambulatory patients, in home care, and in hospitals.

………. Hence I started towards a new direction to set a name in this field. Yes I agree that I am working in a entirely different domain now due to various personal and external factors, however for all those who thinks that I have given up my thoughts about growing in the same field, I would like to say its not over, wait n watch I will be back sooon with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a Biomedical Engineer – Bridging the gap of Medicine and

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  1. Hi Tania,

    I would always want to update my blog often but its my busy work schedule that makes me not post many things often. Henceforth I shall post one every week atleast.


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