Floral Parade…..

It was one of those very few days that I woke up early and also it happened to fall in the Month of August. Its really a special month for me since it gives me an oppurtunity to capture those sexy, bloomy and beautiful living things. Yes! I decided to give a visit to their guest house once in a year which is located at the Lalbagh and is named the Glass house where they visit every year on the occasion of Independence Day to exhibit their insane beauty to some crazy lovers like me. Without any second thought I pulled my companion and all time best friend, My DSC-H1 and drove to Lalbagh. Early morning are always beautiful not because they bring light into out life but also the cold breeze which is a real mind freshener. As i arrived at the doorsteps of our special models of the day it was already 6.30AM and I saw that there were already a regular squad doing their daily duty of burning calories from body and tensions from mind by Jogging or Walking or exercising or even laughing…. It was none of my business to worry about any of them as I was in a hurry to meet those glorious guests of the morning. As I was walking towards the glass house I was just making my comapanion ready so that he doesn’t fall sick during the beauty pageant which would take place in few seconds. As I passed the band-stand I could smell the fresh fragrance evolving from those elegant bodies of our beauties and I was all ready to shoot them at sight and capture them into my cherished memories… Yes I saw them and GOSH!!!!!!!!! what an appeal?? what an elegance??? what a fresh-feel of the real natural beauty??? For a moment I was stunned however my companion was in a mood and wanted me to shoot him into every corner of those beauties as he could explore and capture them forever and ever and ever……. The Taj-Mahal , The Insat1b , Swans, beds, Mountain peaks, etc which were a result of all these models dressing themselves to build the structures were really pleasant for the eyes of anyone who happens to be a Human being, As it always said words cannot define beauty as it is seen through eyes, I want you to see this Flower Parade by yourself and enjoy…………………
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