I am a person who believes change(in any form) is needed for every human being in their day to day life. Else, as known, life becomes monotonous which is not fair enough. There are N scientific reasons to prove change is necessary however I am not in a mood of proving a theory or my point, I just want for share few incidences which I faced recently.

I stay in seattle which is known for it’s rainy and boring climate. Some times it rains continuosly for days. I have got used to it however whenever it rained I thought to myself about sunlight for a change. I think god heard me and here you go… It’s summer and it’s been hot. If you are thinking “what big deal? It’s gotto be hot in summer” then lemme tell you seatlle gets heavy rains even on summer. It’s past one month and there is no sign of rains yet. Many veterans who have stayed in Seattle for long says this is the first time ever in seattle that it hasn’t rained for so long. And now is the time that my mind starts tickling me for change. YES I need some rain, I need the change. This is just one instance, there are several instances that happens on a daily basis that demands for a change proving the fact that “CHANGE is the only term that’s CONSTANT, everything else needs to CHANGE”.

PS: with this post I wanted to experiment if I could write and post one during my one way journey to office which takes about ~30mins. And I think I made it through fairly well within that time. Coooool!!!!!

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