In the name of God…..

Recently I saw one of those forward emails from my friend which read “NASA proves that the bible is true”. Being a strong believer of both Science and Spiritualism I know the fact that Scientific and Spiritual thoughts can never be combined and yes this could be a highly debatable topic. Inspite of knowing this fact I wonder how could someone start fooling people through such an email thread? If this went true I don’t see a day far when NASA scientists will hold candles and incense sticks and start praying to stars and planets instead of conducting studies on them. Jokes apart, how could people do this? I respect and believe Bible, Quraan, Bhagavatgita, Ramayana, Mahabharatha coz a lot of things , though not all,written on it bring good meaning into our life. But that doesn’t mean I should force someone to believe it or keep quiet when some one does this crazy act in the name of GOD! I replied to that email saying not to forward me such things and also posting it here…… After all this is my Life seen in Different Angle.

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