What if?

A recent set of events that made me think what if it was done or happened in any other way?

What if……..

Indian Navy would have seized the plan of mumbai attacks by capturing the terrorists in the coast?

India stood first in the Olympic medals tally?

Slumdog millionaire was made by an Indian filmmaker?

Obama had stepped back letting Hillary contest as a republican presidential candidate?

Global economy had it’s graph exactly the opposite of it’s present?

Pakistan would really accept the fact that it needs support externally to stop itself being termed terrorist nation?

Everyone in the world become pure vegetarians for a day?

Someone somewhere finds an alternative for human brain?

Traffic lane system is made mandatory in India?

Economy wouldn’t go down? Would Satyam’s chief still confront?

Some other company released the iPhone?

Someone like laalu or thakrey were to be Indian PM?

And lastly ……………….

Google never existed?

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