I believe in the truth that no human being is perfect. Everyone has their own positive and negative characteristics. however offlate I have started observing a very common human behaviour which, intentionally or unintentionally, gets addicted in most of them. When I say most, it’s to an extent of 99%, so I really mean it. You might be wondering what is it? So without dragging it like Ekta kapoor’s serial let me come straight to the point. It’s all about people giving suggestions even when they are not asked to. Everyone have their own problems in life,,,so instead of trying to find a solution why poke into others business and give suggestions? The suggestion might be good/bad/intentional/unintentional/etc. Sometimes it really gets hyper when a person him/her-is facing the same issue and suggesting other person a solution. I have done this mistake several times and not sure howmany times I will do it again, but due to my sense of observation I see this becoming an addiction in human beings, hence I have learnt a lesson today, to a maximum possible extent I shall keep my mouth shut unless I am asked it. Coz on a different note every human being have their own thinking power and they should find a solution to their problems than poking nose into someone else’s business.

P.S: this post may look or read harsh to some but this is a fact, keep observing and you will soon run into a situation to understand it better!

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