Momentary Satisfaction

I am sure everyone must have experienced this. There would be several moments in life which may not be significant enough to pen down as moments of memory, however they bring in Momentary Satisfaction. One such example: I broke my head for several hours today rigging up a network. It even involved a lot of physical work since I had to mount few devices onto a rack and cable them across the racks. It was tiring and stressful but ONLY till that moment where I got to the console and wanted to test if all the hardwork I put in yielded in some positive result.YES! I got the output, the satisfaction that I got at that moment is really priceless. I just forgot all my stress and physical tiredness. This may not be a big achievement or something that’s significant in my career path but yet I want it, Time & again!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Momentary Satisfaction

  1. It is these ‘little’ moments that make life interesting, isn’t it? Many more to come… Nice blog here..techpysche, you have been writing for a while! :)

  2. Hey LMD,

    You have become a prolific blogger and i see more posts concentrating on the intricacies of life. You seem happy, at the same time “inward looking” (not introvert) since u have been to US.

  3. Nice one … There are so many moments in life which give us the pleasure yet we hardly notice…
    It can be as simple as sipping a cup of good coffee ! … Just, we have to be sensitive enough :)

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