There have been several incidents and moments in my life which has left me perplexed. It all started in my young age when I started learning how to read the time. I was always thinking why should we follow the same pattern? Why the small needle is for hour and big needle us for minutes? why can’t they be inter-changed? And several other thoughts came to my mind, though I was very curious to know, I couldn’t ask my parents or teacher since I was scared. Several such thoughts like why only father is considered head of the family? why earth is round? Why 1 has high priority(as in No.1)? Why only +ve and -ve? Why only 7 colors in a rainbow? All such questions kept tingling my brain very often. I am a person whiz curious by nature hence I get more question than others ;-) may be if you think more deep one can find answer to each one of these however I am sure that there will still be some questions which will not have answers and that’s what leaves me in a state of PERPLEXED…..

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