Its the 61st Independence celebrations for us and marks another important year in the history of our country. There are several facts and figures to prove this point both negatively and positively however for me its important because we have covered another year successfully as an Independent Nation. There could be several topics which are debatable with respect to what we have achieved, why are we still a developing country, was the Fight for Freedom really worth, even though we are an Independent country still we are not  secure, etc, etc. And I am sure we start a poll or discussions it would be full of mixed reactions. But when you look back in these 60-61years we have made several progress on the other hand there is always a scope for improvement. I was working this morning at around11:30AM(PST -8) i started looking at the watch and suddenly a feel of what could have happened 60years ago flashed my mind and it was such a peculiar feeling. When I thought what those people would have gone through I couldnt simply sit, May be i sound too crazy or optimistic but I am true we need to do something whatever possible to make the country better so that the next generation has a better place to live in……Vande Mataram

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