Life seen from a Different Angle

I was always asked by people who read my blogs as to what is the meaning of the tagline of my Blog and I have been explaining them on what it is however at one corner of my mind I was always thinking that I should blog it. I have a request to make for all who would further read this blog post hence please give it a serious thought before you proceed further. “THE EXAMPLES OR THE CONCEPTS THAT I AM POSTING HERE ARE MOSTLY TRUE AND HAS HELPED ME TO A GREAT EXTENT IN PERSONAL AS WELL AS PROFESSIONAL LIFE. I, THOUGH DON’T PROMISE, CAN ASSURE YOU THAT IF YOU START ALIGNING YOURSELF WITH THESE CONCEPTS OR EXAMPLES YOU CAN OR WILL BRING A POSITIVE CHANGE IN LIFE”. Hence if you are not serious, please stop reading here and spend your valuable time in something else which can keep you busy. SO lets Start…..

“Life seen from a different Angle” – Sounds trivial or a crazy thought right? Before analysing or processing your thoughts just ask yourself a simple question “have you ever seen life?” if YES then you already are geared up to see it in a different angle and if the answer is NO then not to worry at the end of this post you would revise your answer to YES. LIFE the four letter word thats resposible and cause for anything and everything in today’s world I term it as a process between birth and death. So what? everything has a process so does life, but my idol and the great Sir Albert Einstein says “curiosity has its own reasoning, no one should be stopped questioning” . So it arises a question in me, if its just a peocess between life and death then why is it so different for every individual, every animal, every plants and trees? I start thinking and in parallel I start searching for an answer and gets deeply involved in the world of thoughts.

When we were born, we didn’t knew why were we born nor did we knew what to do. we always saw life in someones arms, cradle, full care, no tensions,etc etc etc, as time passes we start changing ourselves both physically and mentally and our views towards the same 2 questions (why were we born? & what would we do?) changes. This is the first phase where you start seeing life differently, you grow a lil older and now you are ready to learn more and the views towards the life changes. This not only implies to human beings but also for the Animals and Plants. So with this one thing that all of you would agree is that the views towards life at different phase of life changes.  Now the next question…. When the views change what is that which makes some happy and some sad?

Its the way you view life that makes some happy or sad, an example : Whenever I stand on a river bank or a bridge, I always tend to see the flowing water and the fish that swim in the water, however for some its another place to stand, where as for some other people its a nonsense and waste of time to stand on the bridge and watch the water flow or fish swim. Likewise there could be people who only think of eating the fish inside the water, getting scared that the bridge will fall and we would loose out lives. In such a small example when people could have so many views then think of the other things that we do in everyday’s life. Now you will for sure be waiting to ask me what this got to do with “Life Seen from a different angle”, those were the common thoughts which 90 percent of the people have, but for someone who stand on this bridge and want to see his/her Life in a different angle, he/she will always think what if similar bridge is made with gates and create a falls attach turbines which could convert this motion into electricity thereby contributing to the humankind………(My one more Role Model Sir.MV is one such person)

Well………. If you think that was a over optimistic thought then look back and see the day2day activities in your life, anything and everything can be seen in a different angle and can be interpreted in however/whatever way you want. When you listen to other problems it may or may not look complex where as when it comes to self it would seem like a boulder rolling over your head. Have you ever tried to tackle an issue for yourself by keeping yourself out of that situation? Its not as easy as its told but if you try n succeed you would know the taste of it.Keeping in mind the patience and positive attitude can take a person from nowhere to a peak, we need to approach life and see the real taste of it. I can quote N examples to proove my point. When you ask yourself a question on why people become famous? they were born as Normal human beings and with the same Anatomical structure that a Normal Human Being did, then how did they become famous? coz they see their life in a much different angle than the ordinary people and make their observation a passion and implement it into their life. There is nothing beyond winning and there is nothing beneath loosing but still all of us want to win and how do we do it? No one ever has the answer. Now the most asked question if everyone becomes a winner whoz gonna be a looser? well its a difficult thing altogether coz onez gain is anothers loss…. however if the looser picks up and win the next time and build up a cycle there can be more innovations, more inventions, more creativity, more discoveries, etc,  etc which will in-turn cause good to humankind.

I shall stop it here coz I neither believe in writing several pages in making someone understand the concept nor I am one fo those who try to impose on the readers. Thats because its after all its your life …… In order to make it much richer in terms of peace and happiness start looking it from a different angle and I bet the world looks beautiful. you may not be successful in first few attempts but when you are successful you would for sure come back n write your comments on this post……

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