Bangalore Growing ….

Bangalore Growing.....
Its been 28 years, 8 months, 25 days since I was born in this beautiful city of Bangalore which is known for its different names , India’s Silicon Valley’, ‘Garden City’, ‘Pub City’, ‘Shopper’s Paradise’ ‘Hi-tech city’ etc. Bangalore, seems to be the dream destination for several thousands of people who come in search of a good career, is facing a major congestion with respect to land space since the city is occupied by people from all the sides and all possible angles leaving the city with no space to breathe…. While I was young I use to enjoy the landscape of the city during my visits to different places with my parents, however as I grew i saw even the city racing me in the grown and today when I go around the same gallis and corners of the city I always wonder why is it getting choked in all the angles???? why? why? why? The streets which use to reflect the glory of the city then has become the parking lots for most of the window shoppers, The parks which use to reflect the beauty of the city then have become the den for all illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution, etc… , The big playgrounds where children use to play have become the playground for all the real-estaters and land-mafia who construct so called sky scrappers to add more people into the congestion, Institutions and University which hosted brilliant students then are turning to be a good business portal, wide and broad roads which use to be pleasure for driving has become a pain for drivers due to increase in the number of vehicles, with all these going from good2bad and bad2worse I am still wondering about the meaning of the word growth, is it growth with respect to congestion or is it growth with respect to population or is it growth with respect to foolishness within ourselves???????? I have been asking myself one question all this while: “I have grown with the city, when I can grow with full positive aim in life, why should the city grow in the opposite directions???”.
Piece of request, advice, suggestion:
Growth is a positive term may it be with respect to self or the city, when we can grow why not city???????????????????So next time when you come across the city create awareness gor the growth in positive terms.
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