Is this Right??????,


The photo that you see on this post is the Cover of “Axis: Bold as Love”, the second album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’ were an English/American rock band famous for the guitar work, original songs and outrageous style during 1960’s. From the records on the internet it shows that Jimmy Hendrix, the lead singer/guitarist was somewhat disappointed with the album’s cover art, Although he appreciated the symbolic design, he had requested cover art that showcased his “Indian” heritage. The British art designers who created the cover assumed that he meant India the South Asian country, not the Native American people, and thus the album’s cover has a photographed copy of a cheap, mass produced religious poster of the Hindu devotional painting known as ‘Viraat Purushan-Vishnuroopam’ showing the different forms of Vishnu with a small, superimposed painting of the group by Roger Law (from a photo portrait by Karl Ferris) blended in Little Miss Lover.

That was history, I really didn’t knew about this until I noticed this photograph in one of the pub and restaurants recently. Upon finding out what it exactly meant and searching in the internet about the same I found the facts which I have mentioned in the above paragraph. Now the question is how could the British art designers take a this picture so lightly and morph it without even thinking that it could affect the beliefs of the richest culture and mythology in the world??? Was it done intentionally??? Whatever be the intentions, I feel pathetic that the gods that we believe in and worship today are morphed in photographs and are being showcased in pubs, bars, discotheques, strip-clubs and other places where there is no value for such things. Its time for us to raise our voice and see to that there is a global awareness on this and this photo has to be revoked and a strict action has to be taken on using such photos in public places. What are the politicians in India doing? For the sake of votes they will do all cheap gimicks taking the name of the religion but when our own heritage is tampered in such a way that too globally from years I feel ashamed and bad to be called as what I am today. Is this true to keep our mouth shut?????………. Hope people raise their voices against this and action will be taken so that atleast when I goto a pub next time I dont get to see our gods there……

I have compared both the photos next to each other, even after seeing this if you feel that its not strange then please let me know why??????


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2 thoughts on “Is this Right??????,

  1. If we can see Mohammad snaps as a comic, so shall this be.

    Different people, different cultures and opinions.
    Doesnt hurt me at all being a Hindu.

  2. dear Mr/Ms SoConcerned,
    I really appretiate your effort 2 go online & dig out d facts bout d pic & all. but honestly dont u have something better 2 do. i mean seriously, i havent seen god neither have my parents who introduced me 2 d concept of god. d foto is just a symbol for what god stands 4 & 2 remind us of atleast one of d good virtues we ought 2 inculcate.
    y make a mess out of it. some ignorant chap did what he had 2. forget it dude. derz more imp things in life. how bout d govt importing substandard grains which r in no condition 2 b eaten. der r a million such things which cud actually have an impact on society.
    lets not waste r energy in things which r of no consequence but rather focus on things dat cud actually have a bearing on r better being.
    i dont xpect u 2 just nod & acknowledge what i’ve said. i kno how strong religious sentiments r. but what wud u do if u r kid drew a micky mouse on a gods foto? r u going 2 press charges against him/her? i hope u get d point. try & teach d kid 2 be a better human. may b 2 contribute some good thing 2 d world b4 his/her time comes. probably learn 2 appretiate gods creations & respect it. etc etc…

    may b v should learn 2…

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