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I am not talking about alcohol, tobacco, video games, gambling, etc. People get affected very badly while addicted to those things. However in my case there are few things that I am addicted to and while writing this I would like to see the threats and advantages of such addictions.
Internet: while this is so far the biggest in the communication media, it also has become a vital part of my life. I can’t imagine life without Internet. Since I was introduced to Internet during the late ninties I have become a devotee of the webworld. Browsing, chat, blogging, webdesign, websearch, etc would run in my mind 24/7 as chants. The good side of it is, I am gaining knowledge, keeping in touch with all my friends, adding to my skillset, got in touch with people whom I never thoght will meet again, etc. In short I would say the world on my fingertips. Now the badside of it is I am addicted, I spend more time than I should, i don’t move much as it’s my fingers that do most of the work, I am straining my eye, etc. I know by mitigating between these 2 I can find a solution but still Internet will remain my addiction.
Farmville: while it all started as fun, by the time I could realize that 2 million ppl are addicted to this bug called farmville, I was already into it. While there was not much knowledge gathering in this, it still had the same bad effects as the Internet. Some of the good things were it was fascinating, It taught me how important time is in farming, etc. I am almost out of this addiction, just need to wrap it up.

There are always good and bad about every addiction, however there is always a need for us to sit back and weigh the good and bad. We need to ensure that the good always overcomes the bad. I am trying to do the same, will you???

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Real Weapon

With the increasing number of crime, terrorism, anti-social activities, etc, its evident that somewhere things are going wrong which is yielding in the increase of such negative activities. Everyday we read in the newspaper and see on TV about the need for imposing strict ban or restrictions in usage of illegal weapons. While watching the news about one such incident in the TV, where the government was planning to bring restrictions on carrying liquids while¬†air-travel, I was thinking the days are not far when ppl will not be allowed to carry milk for the babies, medicinal liquids for patient, water for people with sickness and so on. ¬†Having thought this I questioned myself on how could a liquid turnout to be so dangerous where it could be used as a weapon for forced destruction??? And that triggered my pragmatic sense into thinking. Well My first question to self was what is a weapon? As per wikipedia its “A weapon is a tool used to apply or threaten to apply force for the purpose of hunting, attack or defense in combat“. I don’t really agree with this because as a definition it may be true but in reality the application of the force is from Human Being. As seen sometime back in one of the regional movies A real weapon is Human Being(Human Mind in precise). without the application of force from human being everything else becomes just substance. May it be a Gun, Axe, Bomb, missiles, etc. it needs someone to drive it and use it as a weapon. So until it gets into the hands of a human being nothing can be considered harmful, infact most of them will have absolutely no significance and eventually die with rust or decay particles.

Now accepting that a person can be a real weapon it makes us think where or how to restrict it? Its for sure that we can’t ban something like a human body/mind in action. All that we can do is create awareness, let people know the impact of misusing such a weapon, start bringing up kids with positive thoughts, etc. If we fail to do so, the day is not far where we can see people making use of anything and everything as a medium for destruction. Can you imagine a hydro-bomb made up of water which can cause major destruction? And the source could be just water, so should we put restrictions on usage of water? Start thinking as to what is the Real Weapon?????

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