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Does it pain for you when you get a shot(injection)? Does it burn when you apply anti-septic lotion on a cut/wound?does it really hurt badly when they take blood from your body for test purpose? If all these actions, which are executed for your well being, hurts you then can you imagine how it feels like when the throat is slit into pieces? Or the head is severed from the body? Sounds scary right? It may look like a funny/stupid example but yes it really hurts me when I read or hear about thousands of animals being butchered in the name of sacrifice, for the sake of fur/leather, for someone’s entertainment which they call hobby(hunting), etc. Why or how can someone have the heart to execute such inhuman acts or are those who does this taking advantage of being the supreme species on this sphere? Why?why? Why? Don’t these animals have right to live on this earth? What harm have they done to you? Have you ever imagined how would it feel like if someone does the same act on you or your beloved ones? Even a thought like that scares you right? For a moment sit back and think, Life is very precious may it be your’s or the Animal’s, when you don’t have the power to give life you don’t have rights of taking it. If you do so you are being inhuman, a cruel creature who don’t have any trace of civilization and shame on your so called audocity to commit such an act.

I beg you all through this post to think again before committing inhuman act on Animals, coz life once taken cannot be given back, all you can give is a sinful act of yours to this earth which will reflect back to you one day or the other……

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