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In the name of God…..

Recently I saw one of those forward emails from my friend which read “NASA proves that the bible is true”. Being a strong believer of both Science and Spiritualism I know the fact that Scientific and Spiritual thoughts can never be combined and yes this could be a highly debatable topic. Inspite of knowing this fact I wonder how could someone start fooling people through such an email thread? If this went true I don’t see a day far when NASA scientists will hold candles and incense sticks and start praying to stars and planets instead of conducting studies on them. Jokes apart, how could people do this? I respect and believe Bible, Quraan, Bhagavatgita, Ramayana, Mahabharatha coz a lot of things , though not all,written on it bring good meaning into our life. But that doesn’t mean I should force someone to believe it or keep quiet when some one does this crazy act in the name of GOD! I replied to that email saying not to forward me such things and also posting it here…… After all this is my Life seen in Different Angle.

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What if?

A recent set of events that made me think what if it was done or happened in any other way?

What if……..

Indian Navy would have seized the plan of mumbai attacks by capturing the terrorists in the coast?

India stood first in the Olympic medals tally?

Slumdog millionaire was made by an Indian filmmaker?

Obama had stepped back letting Hillary contest as a republican presidential candidate?

Global economy had it’s graph exactly the opposite of it’s present?

Pakistan would really accept the fact that it needs support externally to stop itself being termed terrorist nation?

Everyone in the world become pure vegetarians for a day?

Someone somewhere finds an alternative for human brain?

Traffic lane system is made mandatory in India?

Economy wouldn’t go down? Would Satyam’s chief still confront?

Some other company released the iPhone?

Someone like laalu or thakrey were to be Indian PM?

And lastly ……………….

Google never existed?

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I believe in the truth that no human being is perfect. Everyone has their own positive and negative characteristics. however offlate I have started observing a very common human behaviour which, intentionally or unintentionally, gets addicted in most of them. When I say most, it’s to an extent of 99%, so I really mean it. You might be wondering what is it? So without dragging it like Ekta kapoor’s serial let me come straight to the point. It’s all about people giving suggestions even when they are not asked to. Everyone have their own problems in life,,,so instead of trying to find a solution why poke into others business and give suggestions? The suggestion might be good/bad/intentional/unintentional/etc. Sometimes it really gets hyper when a person him/her-is facing the same issue and suggesting other person a solution. I have done this mistake several times and not sure howmany times I will do it again, but due to my sense of observation I see this becoming an addiction in human beings, hence I have learnt a lesson today, to a maximum possible extent I shall keep my mouth shut unless I am asked it. Coz on a different note every human being have their own thinking power and they should find a solution to their problems than poking nose into someone else’s business.

P.S: this post may look or read harsh to some but this is a fact, keep observing and you will soon run into a situation to understand it better!

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Momentary Satisfaction

I am sure everyone must have experienced this. There would be several moments in life which may not be significant enough to pen down as moments of memory, however they bring in Momentary Satisfaction. One such example: I broke my head for several hours today rigging up a network. It even involved a lot of physical work since I had to mount few devices onto a rack and cable them across the racks. It was tiring and stressful but ONLY till that moment where I got to the console and wanted to test if all the hardwork I put in yielded in some positive result.YES! I got the output, the satisfaction that I got at that moment is really priceless. I just forgot all my stress and physical tiredness. This may not be a big achievement or something that’s significant in my career path but yet I want it, Time & again!!!!

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