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There have been several incidents and moments in my life which has left me perplexed. It all started in my young age when I started learning how to read the time. I was always thinking why should we follow the same pattern? Why the small needle is for hour and big needle us for minutes? why can’t they be inter-changed? And several other thoughts came to my mind, though I was very curious to know, I couldn’t ask my parents or teacher since I was scared. Several such thoughts like why only father is considered head of the family? why earth is round? Why 1 has high priority(as in No.1)? Why only +ve and -ve? Why only 7 colors in a rainbow? All such questions kept tingling my brain very often. I am a person whiz curious by nature hence I get more question than others ;-) may be if you think more deep one can find answer to each one of these however I am sure that there will still be some questions which will not have answers and that’s what leaves me in a state of PERPLEXED…..

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World on my Finger tips

Life as such is running on a fast track. Alarm to wakeup, see my Gannu(yes I’m spiritual), check last nights email, check the day-ahead’s schedule, get ready, pack, get onto bus, play a game of word teaser, listen to good music, check for emails, get to work, hook everything except work to ur pockets, work hard, buzz for meetings or tasks, listen to music in order to concentrate, calls from wife, time to leave office, get back into bus, read world’s news, get back home, check for missed todo’s, daily chores, dinner, time to bed, blogging on bed……Ahhhhh so much of work. I didn’t realize that therz something that’s doing 80% of the tasks these days. Yes it’s my iPhone which will take care of most of the things in my daily tasks. Only after I got it that I realized that it’s an addiction and I love this addiction. It’s got so many apps and features which makes me say it time and again
, with iPhone I have the WORLD ON MY FINGER TIPS……

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Back in Action

It’s been a while since I posted something here. I admit that it’s partially because of my lazyness and due to non-availability of time otherwise. With apologies to anyone(or everyone) here I start with another episode of blogging, stay tuned coz this time I am equipped with a sophesticated tool which people call iPhone(hint for my next post) so that I don’t miss any chance to plot the plan of words……..

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