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The Power of Observation

Observation! The term sounds very interesting however when you start exploring this term you will know how you get involved in a complete new world. Yes Observation is a Noun, coz its a world by itself, Observation is a verb which involves a person in some kind of a magical action, Observation is a sense that every human is born with, and finally observation is a power which can make any impossible things possible.

According to wikipedia “Observation may either be an activity of a sapient or sentient living being (e.g. humans), which senses and assimilates the knowledge of a phenomenon in its framework of previous knowledge and ideas, or within some scientific usages it may also refer to data or phenomena recorded or evaluated from a specific viewpoint as opposed to an omniscient or objective viewpoint.”

I insist all the readers of this blog to read the defination of Observation more than once coz I firmly believe that in today’s world the term Observation is made more complex and all of us though Observe but fail to make use of our Observation. Lemme try n explain you Observation in simple words, for 10 secs starting now start watching something around you. Concentrate for just 10 secs. once 10 secs are over try and write down about what you watched on a piece of paper. I have seen from my personal experience that people can write from a single word to several pages based on their Observation power, hence to put it short I will say Observation is an act which can convert the process of your visual sense into a thought which can be manipulated based on the individuals creativity. Having said this lemme tell emphasize on the power of Observation. In my example I said some people can write about their 10seconds observations on several pages however what they write matters a lot, coz if that literature is published it can create positive/negative impact on people. That was just an example,in fact I would say every good or bad thing happening in today’s world is a result of Observation. however to feel the power, from today, start observing and convert the same observation into useful thoughts and you will for sure come back and tell me how great it feels……………… Coz after all it is The Power of Observation.

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Biomedical Engineer – Bridging the gap of Medicine and Technology

The act of bridging 2 completely different fields always excited me and I guess that’s what made me opt Medical Electronics(Biomedical) as a specialization for my Bachelors degree. Only after taking up the course I found that it was much more exciting that I thought because A Biomedical Engineer comes from ……..

The biomedical electronic device industry which is motivated by surgical tools, drug delivery, implantable systems and point of care diagnostics. The recent surge of biomedical engineering departments in the world is largely driven by the potential to improve healthcare quality while reducing healthcare costs. The challenge today is how to design more intelligent biomedical devices.

Biomedical wireless/telemetry monitoring is a field of biomedical integrated electronics instrumentation and is defined as the way of transmitting biological or physiological data from a remote location that can be in vivo or on the body to a location that has the capability to interpret the data and affect decision making.

Advances in microelectronics, material science and wireless communications have enabled development of monitoring biomedical devices that can be implemented in the human body. Some methods used for short range wireless communications are dedicated for medical applications and are used by biomedical wireless monitoring devices without interference, in ambulatory patients, in home care, and in hospitals.

………. Hence I started towards a new direction to set a name in this field. Yes I agree that I am working in a entirely different domain now due to various personal and external factors, however for all those who thinks that I have given up my thoughts about growing in the same field, I would like to say its not over, wait n watch I will be back sooon with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a Biomedical Engineer – Bridging the gap of Medicine and

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Floral Parade…..

It was one of those very few days that I woke up early and also it happened to fall in the Month of August. Its really a special month for me since it gives me an oppurtunity to capture those sexy, bloomy and beautiful living things. Yes! I decided to give a visit to their guest house once in a year which is located at the Lalbagh and is named the Glass house where they visit every year on the occasion of Independence Day to exhibit their insane beauty to some crazy lovers like me. Without any second thought I pulled my companion and all time best friend, My DSC-H1 and drove to Lalbagh. Early morning are always beautiful not because they bring light into out life but also the cold breeze which is a real mind freshener. As i arrived at the doorsteps of our special models of the day it was already 6.30AM and I saw that there were already a regular squad doing their daily duty of burning calories from body and tensions from mind by Jogging or Walking or exercising or even laughing…. It was none of my business to worry about any of them as I was in a hurry to meet those glorious guests of the morning. As I was walking towards the glass house I was just making my comapanion ready so that he doesn’t fall sick during the beauty pageant which would take place in few seconds. As I passed the band-stand I could smell the fresh fragrance evolving from those elegant bodies of our beauties and I was all ready to shoot them at sight and capture them into my cherished memories… Yes I saw them and GOSH!!!!!!!!! what an appeal?? what an elegance??? what a fresh-feel of the real natural beauty??? For a moment I was stunned however my companion was in a mood and wanted me to shoot him into every corner of those beauties as he could explore and capture them forever and ever and ever……. The Taj-Mahal , The Insat1b , Swans, beds, Mountain peaks, etc which were a result of all these models dressing themselves to build the structures were really pleasant for the eyes of anyone who happens to be a Human being, As it always said words cannot define beauty as it is seen through eyes, I want you to see this Flower Parade by yourself and enjoy…………………
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One liner Blogs….

Its time for blogging……… I was wondering why people are so mad behind blogging until I discovered by blogging for the first time. Yes it is indeed addictive and takes out the best within you. As the hype and craze of blogging hit me badly my mind started to work rapidly and there struck the idea of Single line blogging. Yes it is here chalk out whatever you feel and whatever you need. Its single phrase, line, statemeht and whatever you call it…. Yes its here and its called One Line Blogs for people with less time :)

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Bangalore Growing ….

Bangalore Growing.....
Its been 28 years, 8 months, 25 days since I was born in this beautiful city of Bangalore which is known for its different names , India’s Silicon Valley’, ‘Garden City’, ‘Pub City’, ‘Shopper’s Paradise’ ‘Hi-tech city’ etc. Bangalore, seems to be the dream destination for several thousands of people who come in search of a good career, is facing a major congestion with respect to land space since the city is occupied by people from all the sides and all possible angles leaving the city with no space to breathe…. While I was young I use to enjoy the landscape of the city during my visits to different places with my parents, however as I grew i saw even the city racing me in the grown and today when I go around the same gallis and corners of the city I always wonder why is it getting choked in all the angles???? why? why? why? The streets which use to reflect the glory of the city then has become the parking lots for most of the window shoppers, The parks which use to reflect the beauty of the city then have become the den for all illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution, etc… , The big playgrounds where children use to play have become the playground for all the real-estaters and land-mafia who construct so called sky scrappers to add more people into the congestion, Institutions and University which hosted brilliant students then are turning to be a good business portal, wide and broad roads which use to be pleasure for driving has become a pain for drivers due to increase in the number of vehicles, with all these going from good2bad and bad2worse I am still wondering about the meaning of the word growth, is it growth with respect to congestion or is it growth with respect to population or is it growth with respect to foolishness within ourselves???????? I have been asking myself one question all this while: “I have grown with the city, when I can grow with full positive aim in life, why should the city grow in the opposite directions???”.
Piece of request, advice, suggestion:
Growth is a positive term may it be with respect to self or the city, when we can grow why not city???????????????????So next time when you come across the city create awareness gor the growth in positive terms.
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